Mr. Von Miller goes to LA: 7 reasons to love him on LA Rams roster

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“It’s all kind of numb, I’m on the way to LA”

As the news of the LA Rams acquisition of All-Pro outside linebacker Von Miller sinks in, there are so many ways and angles to look at the acquisition. There is the NFL Draft impact on both the Rams and the Denver Broncos. There are high expectations for the LA Rams. We could even talk about the impact that this trade has on Von Miller and the city of Denver Colorado. But believe it or not, they have all been done.

Even moments after the news broke, local camera crews and sports reporters were lined up next to Von Miller to get his immediate thoughts and impression of the All-Pro outside linebacker. Miller is a passionate man who has only played on one team in his entire NFL career. The immediate reaction was a bit of shock and a man still trying to process everything.

Talking about it moments after the news broke is just the kind of guy that Von Miller is. Rather than tell guys he didn’t want to talk about it, he shared his reaction to his friends in the media with who he had worked for many years.  He understood that this was breaking news, even as his emotions were flying all over the place.

Complete class.

Reason II: He is the heart and soul of a defense

He has been the heart and soul of the Denver Broncos for a decade. A man who dedicated himself to being the best and contributing his most to the organization. He is the Broncos’ version of Aaron Donald, a player who is truly the face of the franchise.

So when he was talking about the ‘last time’, he was packing up an NFL life that has been his entire professional football career. Being traded is one of the worst experiences to absorb by an NFL player.  For a player like Von Miller, who saved nothing in reserve for himself, he only planned to play out his entire career for the Denver Broncos, and eventually retire as a Broncos player.

This was a lot to process, and understandably so. I have always loved the commitment and production of this guy. So much so that we even lobbied

for the Rams to attempt to pry

Miller from the Broncos in 2020.  Of course, that never happened. But it did a year later. Now, how can we celebrate his arrival? He has the undying love of the Denver Broncos fanbase, so all we can do is to add our love to the mix.