Mr. Von Miller goes to LA: 7 reasons to love him on LA Rams roster

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“Is there a chance to acquire Von Miller? I’d have said. Oh, hell no”

So let’s try something different. Let’s point out the many reasons why fans should be thrilled by this trade. Like you haven’t heard this one before, right? Well, not like this, hopefully. This guy is easy to love on the Rams roster. So what led the Rams to make this trade?

A player like Von Miller is not someone coaches have to be convinced to appreciate. Rather, the likelihood of acquiring Miller seemed to be so remote that most coaches tamper that hope to eliminate the distraction of not having a player of this elite production.

But now that his arrival is a done deal, the brakes of enthusiasm can come off, and the Rams can go right to work on scheming and designing ways to infuse his skillset into shoring up the weak spots on the LA Rams defense.

Reason III – Mentoring and leadership

Today, the LA Rams have veterans Leonard Floyd and Von Miller lining up as bookends of the defensive line of scrimmage. Imagine the thrill of a young outside linebacker like Chris Garrett who now has the opportunity to play alongside and learn from the legend himself.

The magic of Von Miller will come. While most eyes will train on his Week 9 performance to determine the uppermost limits of his production, I expect that Von Miller will start off slow and seldom used, and be eventually worked into a larger role with the defense. That will allow him the chance to absorb the defense, and optimize his exposure time with the younger players currently on the Rams roster.

Even as he sits on the bench, he will be immeasurably beneficial to the Rams. He is the equivalent of a player-coach, a veteran whose knowledge and understanding of the game of football will translate into elevating the level of play to the other players on the roster.