Mr. Von Miller goes to LA: 7 reasons to love him on LA Rams roster

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Reason IV – Von Miller loves to have fun

There is no question that outside linebacker Von Miller has earned the respect and admiration of the NFL. But on a week-in and week-out regimen for now-his-tenth NFL season, that is a lot of time to maintain an NFL game face.

So he doesn’t. He knows how to have fun and goes out and just does it. So how does he accomplish that? For starters, he has an incredible reputation for wearing some of the craziest hats in the NFL.

Of course, once we start down the path of his (in)famous hats, we simply MUST cover his best sack dances. We can’t show that video here, but click on this link and get ready to enjoy his rendition of the Superman shuffle, the Bucking Bronco, the Funky Chicken, the Hingle McCringleberry, and the MVP Dab. While that certainly has been known to rattle opposing offenses and fans, it’s all part of the magic and charm of the guy who loves to have fun.

But this next video is absolutely classic.

After the NFL investigation of the New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady for deflating the footballs, Von Miller trolled Brady by keeping a football that he had intercepted, and then claiming that it was a ‘little flat.”

LOL, classic.