Mr. Von Miller goes to LA: 7 reasons to love him on LA Rams roster

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Reason V – There is no safe place to hide for mobile quarterbacks

The Rams added an ocean of defensive wisdom to the defense in Von Miller. What I love about Miller is his complete mastery of the discipline needed to play containment with mobile quarterbacks, and how his play will give the Rams a desperately needed advantage when facing mobile quarterbacks through the rest of the season.

Enter Von Miller, stage left.

The analysis does a pretty good job of breaking down his pass rush. But make not of how he continues to do the job. He rushes straight up the field, ensuring the ability to contain mobile. Then, he pivots on a dime and rushes the quarterback at a perpendicular angle.

This is a technique that the younger outside linebackers need to learn as quickly as possible. Far too often, the younger guys take an inside shorter track, allowing more mobile quarterbacks to escape containment and fly around the end where the outside linebacker just vacated by their inside move.

But he does more than sack quarterbacks. He is an ideal defender for the run defense. As the same video shows, he is superb at slipping past blocks to tackle ball carriers for a loss. While he was the guy who played at 75 percent or more of the defensive snaps, he should be looking at a 65 percent workload with the Rams defense. Not only will that keep him fresh for post-season this year, but could help extend his NFL career.