3 teams claim LA Rams DE Jonah Williams, a member of unique 2020 UDFA class

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DawgWork mindset

That’s the type of work where coaching truly makes a huge difference. That is because young football athletes’ must create the right mental framework, or simply stated, get their heads screwed on right, over the long soul-tiring work required to become a defensive lineman in the NFL. It’s not always the ones who are the biggest, the fastest, or the strongest. It’s the players who learn to put in that work who succeed.

How do so many players who snuck in after the NFL Draft for the LA Rams all seem to have their NFL careers started, while others draft earlier do not? It’s all thanks to Coach Henny. How so?

Some may ask how the LA Rams can remain so successful? Four defensive linemen who were not deemed worthy of drafting by any NFL team are now all getting a foothold with their NFL careers thanks to coming onboard Coach Henderson and the Dawgwork mindset.

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It’s not where a player is drafted, but rather if he is willing to put in the long thankless hours of training, facing the hard-to-hear feedback of where he needs to work, to improve. That allows young athletes to put in the work to become NFL defensive linemen. Even players who did not graduate among the Top-10 at their position, or perhaps came from a small college football program.

That’s how the LA Rams stay ahead of the rest.