LA Rams Aaron Donald is smiling again. Look out for Week 9 matchup w Titans

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Running for the title

The Titans have been a run-first offense, one of the few NFL offenses that can make that claim. Well, nearly run-first, as they have thrown 265 passes and rushed 260 times. Of course, it’s easy to run with the ball if you are handing off to running back Derrick Henry. His 937 yards in eight games is very impressive, but not nearly as impressive as Colts Jonathan Taylor’s 820 yards in 80 fewer carries.

The Rams held Taylor to 51 yards on 15 carries. So there’s that. But now the Rams must face one of the most creative offensive minds in the NFL in Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel. And Vrabel will be burning the midnight oil for Week 9. Why? Well, the Titans had to place running back Derrick Henry on injured reserve.

Mr. Von Miller goes to the LA Rams: Bringing the Von Miller effect to help bolster Aaron Donald. light. Hot

To fill the void, the Titans have signed up former Matthew Stafford teammate Adrian Peterson.

Even as the Titans are known for a strong running game, they are no slouches when it comes to passing the ball. The team has A.J. Brown and Julio Jones, both receivers on track for 1000 yards receiving for this year. They also have a well-kept secret in a tight end, MyCole Pruitt. Pruitt is a seldom-used player, but he makes the plays that he is called on.

Vrabel will be ready for the Rams’ defense. Well, as well as any team can be ready. Not only have the Rams added Von Miller, but the defense seemed to carry itself with far more proficiency with the start of rookie Ernest Jones. Hopefully, he can lead the defense once more.