LA Rams stockpiling offensive talent on practice squad

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LA Rams News Mekhi Sargent
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Rams roster another RB

If you thought that the Rams roster was saturated in rushers, for the time being, think again. The team has certainly given the lion’s share to Darrell Henderson as planned. The offense has used Sony Michell as the change of pace runner. In Week 8, the team showed that running back Buddy Howell was the mop-up back for now.

Beyond those players, the Rams had also signed Javian Hawkins to the practice squad. Hawkins had auditioned for both the Atlanta Falcons and the Tennessee Titans before landing on the LA Rams practice squad.

Now, the LA Rams have gone back to that well again in signing on RB Mekhi Sargent. Sargent was also an undrafted free agent signing by the Tennessee Titans, who, by many accounts outplayed his veteran competition in training camp. He was so effective, that he began the season on the Titans’ active roster.

He was waived by the Titans in September 2021 and immediately signed to their practice squad. If you want to compare him to a current NFL player, he is virtually a clone of the Rams Darrell Henderson. Both stand 5-foot-8 and both weigh a muscular 208-pounds. Henderson runs a 4.49-second 40-yard dash, while Sargent runs a 4.62-second 40-yard dash time.

The Titans waived Sargent in a series of moves necessary to get their roster reconfigured to sign Adrian Peterson and other roster window-dressing moves. The quick action by the Rams to add him to their own practice squad was quick thinking. Now, he will remain a Rams player unless signed to another team’s active roster.

Sargent was very productive for the Titans in the preseason, and many fans hoped that he might be pick up some of the remaining running workload after Derrick Henry fell to injury. Now, he is on the LA Rams roster and can help simulate the Titans offense to prepare the team for the Week 9 matchup.

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