Rams Rumors: ESPN’s Smith claims LA Rams lead list for just released OBJ

Mandatory Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports /

The Cleveland Browns didn’t trade him, don’t want him, and only today are releasing talented wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. No, like children at a candle scramble, NFL teams are expected to pursue OBJ with earnest. So the question is, which team will land the former NFL star receiver?

So now, he and his massive contract are subject to NFL waivers.

Well, if any team submits a claim for the guy, the LA Rams are not in the running. Perhaps, in the end, that would be for the best? It’s always hard to determine just how well a player will fit in the culture and system of another NFL team.

Of course, there is the undeniable talent of the player himself. He has filled highlight reels out of making one-handed circus catches. While he hasn’t set the world on file for the Browns, many view the receiver as still talented.

Rams Rumors: Catch a falling star?

But there is an uncanny similarity between the circumstances that compelled the LA Rams to part ways with veteran wide receiver DeSean Jackson. Circumstances where a very confident and talented receiver felt he was significantly underutilized in the offense.

Will the LA Rams catch another falling star, put him on the roster, and save him for a rainy day? While we certainly won’t be asked to vote on the topic, there are incredibly strong emotions on the topic, on both sides.

Whenever there are strong emotions in any sports event, the talking heads are not far behind. So it is that ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has already weighed in. He is already concluding that Odell Beckham Jr. will indeed clear waivers, and be able to sign on with any team he so chooses. So which team will he choose? He has the field narrowed down to the LA Rams, the Green Bay Packers, the Las Vegas Raiders, and the Kansas City Chiefs. Of the four, he believes that the Rams are the top pick.

So will he clear waivers? I expect that he will. Will the LA Rams pursue him? Perhaps.

Had it not been for the recent experience with DeSean Jackson, I think that the LA Rams would be in hot pursuit for the player. But now, with the need to distribute the ball to all of the receivers, and the challenge of doing so in the heat of battle, this may be a headache that the Rams front office doesn’t want to take on.

Is this current offense enough? If yes, the likelihood of the LA Rams picking up another talent is unlikely. But if the front office feels the need for another veteran weapon is warranted, then they will make an effort to sign the guy.

This is a rapidly developing story. Stay tuned…

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