Who might play larger roles in LA Rams Week 9 rotation?

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More rising stars on defense

As the LA Rams were struggling to keep their outside linebackers healthy, the team picked up a very intriguing outside linebacker off the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jamir Jones. Jones stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 255-pounds, solid size and power to crash down on quarterbacks. In his debut, he blocked a punt in an exciting how-do-you-do to the NFL.

Since that time, he has seen an increasing share of the defense. He is surprisingly fierce and has a quick first-step burst that can catch a blocker by surprise. Even as the LA Rams have added OLB Von Miller, Jones will remain active in this defense for Week 9.

In 2020, it truly appeared as though rookie defensive back Terrell Burgess was heading for a larger role in the defense. But in his best performance, he was injured against the Chicago Bears and was lost for the season. He has only returned to play in the past three games and has held up relatively well in light usage.

He is an ideal defensive back in the LA Rams secondary, comfortable as either a cornerback or a safety. Standing 5-foot-11 and weighing 202-pounds, He has three tackles in 35 defensive snaps. Although his lone target found its mark, he shut that play down with just a five-yard gain. Burgess is an ideal weapon to neutralize tight ends or running backs used in the passing game.

Secondary duct tape

When it comes to the Rams secondary, DB Nick Scott is used a bit like duct tape. He is used as additional reinforcements to the defense on passing plays but also takes over on the back-end of the defense when starters rest. So far, that dual usage has helped Scott to tie his career-best season totals of 16 tackles in just eight games.

His rotational role has not limited his effectiveness whatsoever. He has two interceptions for the team already, the first time in his career he has shown up in that category. The 5-foot-11 201-pound defensive back is playing in his third season for the Rams, being drafted with the 243rd pick of the 2019 NFL Draft from Penn State University.

Even as the Rams have added Von Miller to bolster this defense, the real grind, at least for Week 9, will be how successful the team is at infusing some of the patient younger players from the roster into the rotation. The team needs to start ramping up its performance as the playoffs draw near.

That only happens if younger players assume larger roles in the rotation, and earn the right to do so. How many of these players will see a larger role in Week 9? More importantly, how well will they perform if they do?

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