LA Rams traded draft picks? There’s more where that came from

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Correction: The LA Rams are enjoying prolonged success

“There is a sense of humility to the Rams not chasing prolonged success.”


Before this year, the team had been 43-21 over the past four seasons. This year, the Rams are already at 7-1. So what exactly is the definition of prolonged success? Is it 10 years? 20 years? 50 years? Come on now. Per a study by Ben Lyso of the Vikings Territory, an average head coach lasts approximately 69 games. That’s just over 4 seasons. General Managers in the NFL do not last much longer.

So what is ‘prolonged success’?  Does it extend both before and after the total time of a head coach’s or general manager’s career? I hardly think so.

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We know fully well that the Rams have been one of the most successful teams since 2017. In fact, over that time frame, the Rams have the third most successful record in the NFL, only behind the New Orleans Saints and the Kansas City Chiefs. I guess if you sling enough crap against a barn door, you expect some to stick, eh?

Well, that’s not going to work on anyone who reads this article, hopefully. That’s the entire objective. Not so much to bend others to our way of thinking. Not at all. Rather, we find it a much better world in mature discussions of viewpoints backed by sound logic. Our hope is to challenge these blanket fictions, particularly when they take such a dim and adversarial view of the Rams.

So let’s dive back into the other side of the two-pronged shortcuts we found to be egregious errors in that Guardian article: