LA Rams offense must protect Matthew Stafford better in Week 10

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Stafford can’t take much more pounding

The Tennessee Titans did not blitz aggressively to befuddle the Rams offensive line. They simply combined a series of meaningful stunts with standard rush packages and used that to their advantage. If it were simply one offensive lineman, the fix for Week 10 would be relatively straightforward. Unfortunately, the Rams entire offensive line suffered lapses in that one.

The Rams are a game away from a badly needed BYE week. But to get there, they must face the 49ers. Entering Week 10, the 49ers’ defense has chalked up 18 quarterback sacks. But they now have a ready-made template of how to get to Matthew Stafford, and you can bet they will do everything in their power to do exactly that.

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Matthew Stafford struggled

Historically, the Rams can bet that they will get the best from the 49ers. In fact, in 2020 the 49ers seemed to rest on injured reserve until they faced the Rams, moved to the active roster, and then returned to injured reserve once more.  It seems inevitable that the 49ers will follow the same defensive path as the Titans, as it has been their strategy as well.

I – Lockdown the deep threat
II – Stunt defensive linemen. Blitz A-Gap with LBs
III – Apply significant pressure to the quarterback
IV – Ignore the running game
V – Make the quarterback beat you.

The Titans were almost perfect in their defensive design. In two consecutive offensive plays, the pressure was so great that Matthew Stafford threw wildly into the arms of the defensive secondary. In the first pick, the Titans’ defense set the offense up with a first-down and goal. In the second pick, the secondary cut out the offense completely and put up a pick-six.

So what can the Rams do to protect their most precious offensive weapon? We certainly are not at a loss for recommendations.