LA Rams win now attracts another NFL star to roster: Odell Beckham Jr.

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More ways to use OBJ in LA

Of course, if you are planning a trip to Baskin-Robbins, you are not going for vanilla ice cream. Odell Beckham Jr. has a wide range of elite football-related skills, and that is why the LA Rams have signed him to the team. So what other ways might the Rams deploy his skillset?

Option II: Deep-threat WR

The LA Rams enjoy a blazing fast wide receiver, and OBJ can restore that capability to the team. While he runs a 4.43-second 40-yard dash, he plays very fast on the football field. He moves effortlessly in and out of cuts and breaks along his routes, forcing defensive backs to follow along, rather than anticipate his route.

Option III: Out of the backfield

The fact that OBJ stands 5-foot-11 and weighs 198-pounds makes him an ideal receiver to run out of the backfield. The offense has done so with devastating effect with both Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp, and now the team will have an option of doing so with OBJ as well. I am particularly intrigued with this one because that will create a huge mismatch as defenses will try to cover him with a linebacker.

Option IV: Jet Sweeps

Another way to get that speed involved on the offense is to turn to the Rams bread-and-butter play, the Jet Sweep. The offense has run that play with good results with both Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp. By running it with the smaller but faster Odell Beckham Jr., the team will put the football into the hands of a very dangerous offensive weapon, and pressure the edge of defenses in ways to cause hesitation on the pass rush.

Option V: Special teams

It’s no secret to say that the LA Rams have been in chaos this season. Odell Beckham Jr. was heavily involved in the return game for the New York Giants throughout his time there. The Cleveland Browns ceased that role for him, but it makes complete sense for the Rams to get as much work out of the guy in a half-season rental role as possible.

Hey, it’s over. The LA Rams have added Odell Beckham Jr. to the roster. I think he can and will make positive contributions to the team in Weeks 12-18 and even into the NFL Playoffs. But he won’t be perfect, nor will he make the LA Rams unbeatable.

Just more formidable.

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