Former LA Rams DB John Johnson III questions OBJ fit in offense

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JJ III talks OBJ and LA Rams

JJ III finds himself in the unique position of expertise that is front and center on NFL headlines right now. The LA Rams signed former Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr., and now everyone wants to know how and if the discontented OBJ will be content to contribute in the Rams offense as a rotational receiver.

Since Johnson knows the Rams offensive scheme and has been Beckham’s teammate for the first half of this season, My Sports Update Ari Merov posed the question directly to JJIII: Will Odell Beckham Jr. fit the LA Rams offense?

John Johnson III smiled wryly and admitted that he thought that the LA Rams had a good thing going, that they had a complete offense. Off the top of his head, he admits that he wouldn’t want to go there if he was OBJ.

He also says that head coach Sean McVay will find a way to get it done. He admits that the LA Rams offense runs through Cooper Kupp, and will continue to do so. But he also shares that the Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford will find a way to get him the ball. But will there be enough football to go around and make everyone happy? You can read between the lines from this interview, and conclude that JJ III does not share much confidence that OBJ will be happy in a supporting role with the Rams offense.