LA Rams WR Robert Woods having an under-the-radar season

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It’s like Christmas in the LA Rams locker room nowadays. The Rams have added two big-name NFL stars in less than two weeks: Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller and Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., both of whom arrive at the team before the long-awaited Week 11 BYE Week.

The Rams have a lot of NFL stars on the roster now. Players who seek action, whose reputation is such that they want to be involved in game-changing plays. Now, the LA Rams coaching staff must figure out feasible methods to keep everyone involved, everyone satiated, everyone happy.

Thankfully, the Rams already have a shining example of that selfless ‘We-not-me,’ attitude in wide receiver Robert Woods. In an age where NFL betting and Fantasy Football have taken the lead in setting expectations of fans for a player, Woods is content to be the best version of himself week in and week out.

Just how good is Woods?

Woods key WR on Rams roster

Robert Woods is playing in his ninth NFL season. His first four seasons were part of the Buffalo Bills offense. While he was relatively productive in their offense, he was never truly unleashed until he signed on with the LA Rams in 2017 and earned a starting role in new head coach Sean McVay’s innovative offense.

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In a similar fashion to a screw needing a screwdriver, or a nail needing a hammer, Robert Woods needed McVay’s offensive mindset to unlock everything that he can do on a football field. But make no mistake, without Woods’s versatility and ability to perform so much so well in this offense, the Rams may never have gotten off the ground.