LA Rams WR Robert Woods having an under-the-radar season

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On each NFL team, there is one veteran player who welcomes new arrivals to the team, particularly at that position. For the LA Rams, young offensive linemen gravitate to the personable and very approachable Andrew Whitworth. For receivers, they lean on the experience of Rober Woods, and for good reason. Woods knows his stuff.

As the NFL has changed over the years, so too has the role of receivers. It’s no longer only about “run downfield 15 yards, break right, and catch the ball.” any longer. Now, receivers must know how to block, how to run, how to decoy, how to make deceptive double moves, how to get to a spot on the field at the exact right time that the football arrives, and how to shake off mistakes.

That’s a lot to learn, but it must all be mastered before the receiver gets a chance to contribute to the Rams’ offense. To get there, many young receivers rely upon Robert Woods to help them connect the dots.

Woods was there to welcome rookie Cooper Kupp in 2017. He was there for Brandin Cooks in 2018. He was there for Van Jefferson in 2020. And he will be there for Odell Beckham Jr. in 2021. In fact, he already is.

Robert Woods is a class act. He knows how it works in the NFL, and that this is the not-for-long league. He understands that Odell Beckham Jr. wants to be a star on the LA Rams offense like Cooper Kupp. He sees the promising development of young receiver Van Jefferson. And he recognizes that for each pass thrown their way, the football is not coming his way.

And yet, he still gives everything he has to ensure that his teammates succeed.

Robert Woods is the drive shaft of the LA Rams offense. He connects everything behind the offensive line to the numerous receivers who all want to catch passes. He may be hidden from view. He may not be listed in the headlines. But without him, this offense just doesn’t work. No addition changes that.

LA Rams wide receiver Robert Woods having an underestimated season. But we are honored to take a flashlight and put some eyes on what he means to the team.

Bobby Trees loves the LA Rams. Perhaps that is why so many fans love Bobby Trees.

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