LA Rams humble baseline sets stage to improve for NFL Playoffs

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Rams face rival 49ers

The Rams faced the Tennessee Titans in Week 9 and promptly were served up a piping hot loss that called many things into question. But the Rams self-destructed as much as were beaten. The offensive line seemed to backslide to that of 2019. The game plan glossed over an effective running game. And frequently dependable Matthew Stafford was sacked five times and threw two costly interceptions.

It happens.

The Rams can get back on track with a badly needed win in Week 10 against the San Francisco 49ers. This will be a hotly contested game because it will be against an NFC West rival who has enjoyed a bit of success against the Rams in the past two years. Perhaps even more than a rival game, the LA Rams are at a crossroads of their season.

If the Rams lose on Monday Night Football, they are all but assured to be competing in post-season no better than the wild card track.  The Cardinals are 8-1 and are 3-0 in division play. With a loss, the Rams would fall to 7-3 but would fall to a 1-2 division record. That would be a nearly insurmountable lead for the Cardinals and would give them the equivalent of a three-game lead on the LA Rams with just seven games remaining on the schedule.

If the Rams plan to win the NFC West Division, that must start in Week 10 with a win over the 49ers. That won’t be easy. If the 49ers win, they climb to 4-5 and go on to face the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Minnesota Vikings, and the Seattle Seahawks. In fact, the 49ers could rebound to 7-5 when they face the Cincinnati Bengals, and be back in the playoff hunt themselves.

Week 10 will have a significant say in how the NFC playoffs line up for NFC West teams. It’s time to call up the troops. It’s time for this LA Rams team to show up on the football field as well as they’ve dominated NFL headlines over the past two weeks.