LA Rams wild ride at wide receiver isn’t over yet, folks

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With Robert Woods hurt, you can bet that the team will focus upon getting Odell Beckham Jr. onto the football field. After all, the offense can install a small package of plays to get OBJ involved in the offense quickly. That is likely what the team is planning to do now.

That won’t dethrone Cooper Kupp as the team’s top target in the passing game, as he will be counted on to carry the team’s workload against the 49ers. Not that this will change much, as Kupp has been consistently targetted 10+ times per game this season. The question becomes:  Who will take up the slack this week?

The obvious answer is that the Rams lean upon second-year receiver Van Jefferson. Not only has he been averaging 16 yards per reception, but he gives the offense a bit of deceptive speed in getting deeper, and the 49ers’ defense may be a bit vulnerable to deep routes this week.

The other answer is that the team will get tight end Tyler Higbee more involved. That may make a bit more sense. If the Rams go with a 12-personnel package, the team can rely less upon the passing game, while maximizing blocking for a running game that sorely needs some work and attention.

Of course, that will mean playing time for Kendall Blanton on offense as well. He was active on offense in Week 8 but only took the field twice during the Rams during the Week 9 loss.

And, of course, the team will likely be interested in adding a player to the active roster during the BYE week. Buckle up, folks. it’s pretty clear that the wild ride at the Rams receiver position is not over just yet.

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