3 LA Rams players who are due for big game in Week 10

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The pasture is greener in LA

When the Denver Broncos willingly traded away their face-of-the-franchise, outside linebacker Von Miller, that action was the equivalent of putting the star edge rusher out to pasture. Imagine that type of move if the Rams pulled that maneuver on defensive lineman Aaron Donald? It was a slap in his face.

Hey, everyone is fully aware of what Von Miller can do on a football field. But nobody in the NFL has seen what a pissed-off Von Miller can do lined up next to Aaron Donald and Leonard Floyd. Miller is a veteran of defense, a player whose own NFL experience is greater than that of AD. He is a calm, cool cucumber who loves to have fun. But now, he was shuffled out of Denver because the Broncos believe that he has lost a step and that the team is better without him.

Oh boy, I think they made a huge mistake.

Von Miller may not be a keystone for the Rams defense. He may not even be the player to put the team over the hump. But I wouldn’t bet on it. While it’s easy to pick out the many ways having Miller on the Rams defense, the most important ways he contributes are those ways we may never see and never detect.

One of the first statements Von Miller made upon his arrival to the LA Rams organization was to assert that he wanted to help take a bit of the defensive burden off defensive lineman Aaron Donald. It wasn’t lip-service, he truly intends to give offensive linemen another problem, another pass rusher who forces double and triple-team blockers.

Von Miller would have been a good addition. But this is a Von Miller with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. He has something to prove to the NFL. You can bet the LA Rams are all about letting him do it.

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