4 lessons learned in Week 9 to help LA Rams in Week 10

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The LA Rams offensive line needs help at times

As much as the LA Rams seem to embrace five eligibles, there has got to be some more attention paid to the offensive line. After all, they are human too, and are more likely to be dinged up, banged up, battered, and bruised over the course of a football game.

Offensive center Brian Allen injured his elbow against the Tennessee Titans but continued to play. The result was a disappointing performance by the entire offensive line, and that was just one of several contributors to a disappointing loss.

The Rams have got to do a better job of recognizing problems on the football field and remedying the situation before the game gets out of hand. With an injured center, the Titans’ defensive line had their way with stunting, pass-rushing, and getting after quarterback Matthew Stafford. Compounding the matter was a coaching staff that sent in plays that played into the Titans’ strength and the Rams’ weakness.

The offense has a host of 12-personnel plays, and until the offense settles with the new receivers, why not use them? The Rams have a trio of tight ends, and to date, only starter Tyler Higbee has seen much work. This team does not have the luxury of red-shirting Brycen Hopkins for another season and must get production out of him now or never.

Likewise, the Rams promoted huge-bodied tight end, Kendall Blanton, to the 53-man roster. The team needs blocking help, so use him to block for the team now.