LA Rams must shed nice guy image and sink the 49ers season

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Gotta get past Garoppolo

Compounding the matter is the fact that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has a 4-0 streak when he starts against the LA Rams. Now don’t get me wrong, he is a pretty good quarterback. But when he faces the Rams, he plays far better than he is.

In fact, per, Garoppolois 4-0 against the Rams despite throwing just 1051 yards, six touchdowns, five interceptions, and getting sacked eight times in those games. He is a career 27-12 quarterback who completes 67.1 percent of his passes and has thrown for 9,796 yards, 59 touchdowns, and 31 interceptions.

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This year, he has thrown for 1,754 yards, eight touchdowns, five interceptions, and been sacked 13 times. He has also rushed 23 times for 33 yards, three touchdowns, and fumbled the ball five times. Not great numbers, not bad numbers. But amidst this quarterback position for the San Francisco 49ers is the fact that the team has already drafted Garoppolo’s replacement in rookie quarterback Trey Lance.

We have seen the Chicago Bears struggle in recent years without a clear QB1 on the roster. Now the 49ers are struggling under the weight of the decision of when is it time to commit to the future and bench Garoppolo. The Rams can certainly help the 49ers arrive at that decision by thumping Garoppolo in Week 10.