5 tough LA Rams players who need more playing time

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Tough guy IV: Fight fire with fire

The LA Rams got a quick contribution from outside linebacker Jamir Jones, and he has seldom been heard from ever since. In fact, Jones last saw action on the defense in Week 8. Jones is a bad-ass who is very physical and effective. In just 41 defensive snaps, this guy has accounted for four tackles. He has also registered two quarterback pressures and one quarterback knockdown.

While he doesn’t carry the pedigree of either Von Miller or Leonard Floyd, he certainly has a place in the rotation. He is the type of player who can be picked out of the defense because he is so often involved in positive plays. And at 6-foot-3 and 255-pounds, the guy could be cross-trained to stay on the edge or perhaps rotate into the middle at some point as well.

Jamir Jones loves smash-mouth

Jones is the type of snarling smash-mouth football player who is so sorely lacking on the roster right now. He brings that same in-your-face attitude to the football field regardless of the role he is playing. In fact, his debut was to block a punt against the Seattle Seahawks. That pretty much set the stage for expectations. So why bench him?

He has continued on among the special teams’ units. But his run at seeing playing time on defense ended in Week 8. Even if just for 10 snaps or so, shouldn’t he be part of the Rams rotation once more? That would not only put him on the field but give the team a better rotation for the long haul. Without Jones on the field, the Rams have suddenly averaged surrendering nearly 30 points per game.

Whether direct or indirect, the team needs to put out this fire by sending in a blaze of its own. Jamir Jones won’t back down from anyone. It’s time to give the guy a chance to make the other guy back down for a change.