LA Rams rope-a-dope drops team from NFC West Title hunt

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(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /
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After the LA Rams offense began the season with the appearance of a record-setter, the team and expectations have crashed landed into a chasm of self-doubt and national ridicule. That’s the track of working with a highly explosive offense. Sometimes the team explodes on the scoreboard with an incredible ability to score from anywhere on the football field instantly.

Other times it all blows up in their faces.

The LA Rams knew the risks and embraced them willingly. Trading draft picks for the future to claim game-changing talent now seemed to go against the presumed method of building a roster. And for the first eight games of the season, everything seemed to pan out perfectly.

Physical teams beat LA Rams

And then, along came the very physical Tennessee Titans, whose team dominated the LA Rams at the line of scrimmage. They held the Rams’ highly-lauded offense to just three field goals, plus a gift touchdown as the game clock ran out of time. Sunday Night Football did not portray the team in a very positive light.

As expected, the San Francisco 49ers took plenty of notes and repeated the same whooping on the Rams. The 49ers followed almost the exact same script. The 49ers, just like the Titans, put up 21 points by halftime, and 14 points were courtesy of a pair of Rams early turnovers.

The Rams were beaten at the line of scrimmage in two consecutive games. Not just beaten, but beaten up. The Rams offensive line had given up just four quarterback sacks. In just the past two games, the Rams have allowed seven quarterback sacks.

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But this is more than quarterback sacks, turnovers, or even a defense that cannot get off the field. This is a team that fails to do the right thing out of fear of doing the wrong thing. It is proven in many scenarios that you end up in the spot you focus upon. With that in mind, the LA Rams continue to commit the same mistakes because they are focused upon making those mistakes.

At 10 weeks into the NFL season, that is a huge problem.