3 reasons why this LA Rams roster is set up for the long haul

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The phrase about the LA Rams being ‘All-In’ has become as overused now as citing the “Throwing snowballs at Santa” cliche has become when describing the Philadelphia Eagles. Truth be told, if there was any meaning to the phrase, it has become spent long ago, and has become a manner of just writing something about the Rams when a story needs to be written to meet a quota, and there just isn’t time to do any research.

After all, what NFL team is not ‘All-In’? Is there a team in the NFL that began the season saying outright: “We have no interest in competing in the Super Bowl this year because we are taking a long-term approach to achieve a winning record. Come back in three years.

Of course not. The presumption of each and every NFL team is that winning is everything, and winning now is the top priority. Of course, there are teams where ownership understands that building a roster capable of consistent winning may take time, but that does not somehow become a bold pass to lose at will.

The difference with the LA Rams is that the team is more confident in taking the risks that many teams are not. Trading for outside linebacker Von Miller in the last year of his contract, and paying a price of a second-round and third-round draft pick for half an NFL season is a risk. The Rams organization believes that they can re-sign him to a multi-year deal. Other teams did not project that possibility.

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Isn’t that what part of the perception is for the LA Rams this season? The Rams added multiple high-profile veterans who have a limited shelf life. Is it so improbable that this LA Rams team can find the money to offer extensions to those players deemed to be of value to the organization? Or has it become too much effort to consider what the Rams must do to extend their new roster additions?

Finding the funds to retain players is the task of every NFL General Manager, and the Rams have proven over the past two seasons that finding money is always far easier to do than finding the right  NFL talent to spend it on.