3 reasons why this LA Rams roster is set up for the long haul

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Reason II: 2021 injured players will return fully healthy in 2022

One of the reasons why the LA Rams offensive line rebounded so significantly in 2020 was the fact that so many 2019 injured starters returned to the roster healthy the following year. The outbreak of season-ending injuries seemed to focus upon the LA Rams offense in 2021. More specifically, offensive skilled players.

While that has forced the front office to scramble a bit to cobble a roster together in 2021, it means that the 2022 Rams roster will begin at a rather robust starting point next season. In fact, with 39 projected players already signed to 2022, the Rams are tied for the seventh most players already contracted for next year.

Of course, the added bonus is that the team will have experienced players deeper on their roster than other teams, simply because the Rams organization was forced to employ so many additional players to make it through the 2021 NFL season.

Of course, not all injured players return to their previous roles, and this team is not immune to that possibility. But the Rams will have many new options next year where the roster ran shallow this season. And with a full set of OTAs, training camp, and preseason games, the Rams will have ample time to construct the optimal lineups to give this team the best competitive advantage possible.

Getting healthy helped the Rams offensive line restock the starting lineup without spending draft picks. Hopefully, the team will use a similar strategy to bolster offensive skill positions, because the Rams roster will be light at inside linebacker, the secondary, and offensive line next season.