LA Rams Von Miller could be huge plus for post season play

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NFC Playoff picture

If you haven’t turned your attention to the likely playoff picture by now, you are already behind schedule. NFL general managers take a look at the likely playoff scenarios after about four weeks of the NFL season.  The current projected top four NFC teams are as follows:

NFC West – Arizona Cardinals
NFC North – Green Bay Packers
NFC South – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
NFC East – Dallas Cowboys

If the current seeding holds, the Rams could end up traveling to face the Cowboys, the Buccaneers, and either the Packers or Cardinals (save an upset in the playoffs). If the dominoes all fall the right way, the team will face a trio of veteran pocket passers.  Of the possible playoff opponents, the Rams could face two of the top four passing offenses in the NFL.  Likewise, the Rams could face two of the top ten rushing offenses in the NFL.

Von Miller upgrades Rams roster in playoffs

Adding Von Miller for the second half of the season helps this defense to stop both. Miller’s pass rush is difficult to contend with in an NFL Playoff, plus his ability to read blocking schemes gives him a solid advantage in stuffing the run. The young edge rushers for the Rams continue to be pass rush specialists.

But putting another veteran defender on the football field helps the team throughout the course of the game. Von Miller is a quality teammate, and he can help the coaches keep younger players focused, build confidence and squelch nervousness. Amidst the peaks and valleys of the game momentum, the Rams will enjoy the presence of a stabilizing influence.

When the playoffs begin, the dynamics change for all NFL teams that are fortunate enough to advance. It’s about winning and advancing. There are no chances to regroup. There are no more mulligans.  It’s about outwitting, outflanking, and outperforming the competition. Can the Rams do that this season? We’ll find out in two months. For now, the Rams have to find a way to become a more physical team. But don’t confuse the regular season with post-season football.

If the LA Rams earn a playoff berth, throw out everything that you thought you knew about this team. Players chase the Lombardi in the playoffs. Star players want to shine in the spotlight. The LA Rams want to win Super Bowl LVI. If all of the stars align at Los Angeles, the Rams could succeed.

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