LA Rams hoping for huge offensive boost of healthy RB Cam Akers’ return

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Akers teasing he will be back too

Perhaps more likely than you may think. The LA Rams front office has been very active in the month of November. The team traded for outside linebacker Von Miller at the NFL Trade Deadline. Following that, the team signed free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Even as the moves were made rapidly, the impact will be delayed. Miller is recovering from an ankle injury. OBJ had two days to learn the Rams offense.

But amidst all of those roster transactions, Akers had this to say:

You can debate how effective Akers might be coming off an Achilles Tendon injury that rapidly. But the emotional boost to the team would be immeasurable. Just like the post-season return of offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth in 2020, the Rams would get a huge psychological advantage.  Akers also makes a great complement to the Rams backfield that includes both Darrell Henderson’s speed to the outside and Sony Michel’s downhill power.

Will Akers be back? If so, could he make a significant difference? Well, we know that the LA Rams can run well, but have opted not to do so. If nothing else, perhaps Akers will restore the coaching staff’s confidence in the ground game in time to balance the offensive game plan. That alone could make all the difference between losing and winning games.

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