Why LA Rams QB Matthew Stafford won’t wither in cold weather

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Critical Aspect II: Can Matthew Stafford win in cold weather?

The LA Rams are an NFL team with a bad reputation when the weather turns colder. But that reputation has some evidence supporting their bad reputation. In fact, in a recent article detailing the Climate and Sports relationship, the LA Rams are shown to be the worst NFL offense in cold weather, generating just 269.5 total yards per game when the temperatures dip below 40 degrees.

But in that same article, the relationship goes on to investigate the passing proficiency of NFL quarterbacks in cold weather. And folks, I am proud to say that despite at times throwing to lesser-known receivers and playing on less accomplished teams, veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford leads the NFL with an average of 285.1 average passing yards per game in temperatures that fall below 40 degrees. The list of other quarterbacks who trail Stafford includes Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, Patrick Mahomes, and this week’s opponent, Aaron Rodgers.

"“Over the last three years, Matthew Stafford has balled out in cold weather! . . . twice. Both of those games were in Week 17, which is the regular season’s version of the preseason’s Week 4.” – per Matthew Freeman of Fantasylabs.com"

Will that hold true this season?

Stafford sizzles in sub-freezing forecasts

While the temperate climate of Los Angeles will eventually negate Stafford’s anti-freeze performance at excelling in the cold, that should not be the case in 2021. Now, the only question is, how cold will it get at Lambeau Field this Sunday?

Per Weather Underground, the temperature at kickoff (1:25 pm PT/3:25 pm CT) is forecasted to be 36 degrees Fahrenheit, with winds out of the WNW at 10-11 miles per hour. The temperature and wind speed will fall throughout the game, to a sub-freezing 30 degrees and winds out of the WNW at 7-8 mph. Due to the cold and wind, the temperature will feel as cold as 22 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the game.

If the LA Rams were starting former quarterback Jared Goff, this would be a huge challenge. You see, Goff struggled mightily in cold weather. He was the likely reason behind the LA Rams coming in dead last in cold weather offensive rankings.

Don’t look for that this year. The fact is that when the weather cools off, Matthew Stafford simply heats up folks. Since he is riding atop the NFL heap on frigid football fields, Stafford should be able to direct the LA Rams offense to success in Week 12.