It’s time for the LA Rams pass rush to make a statement

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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Injuries create opportunities, and that’s all

Even as the Packers try to reform their offensive line, the Rams have had to reform their running backs, wide receivers, outside linebackers, defensive line, and even their secondary. While injuries are part of the game, it’s the team that can compensate more effectively in the face of injuries that win.

Right now, a huge question mark for the Packers’ offense is how their starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers will handle a newly formed offensive line while nursing a toe injury.

Rodgers remains one of the best and most effective NFL passers this year, and throughout his career. If you figured that a guy playing on a sore toe would have a bad game? Think again. He only went out and dominated in a way that even the healthiest quarterbacks are unable to do.

So where does that place the LA Rams in all of this? Well, the Packers are going to be dealing with their own injuries, their need to communicate, and the LA Rams defense. So it is not certain that the LA Rams will have clear sailing to get after Rodgers. In fact, the Packers will likely try to keep the Rams pass rush at bay by running the ball early and controlling the Time of Possession, as so many other teams have successfully done on their ways to victory in the past.