It’s time for the LA Rams pass rush to make a statement

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Playing the long haul in a game like the one facing the LA Rams in Week 12 is not going to go the Rams way by trying to ‘outclever’ their opponent. The Green Bay Packers, with head coach Matt LeFleur and now with defensive coordinator Joe Barry likely know as much about the LA Rams roster as the Rams coaching staff knows themself.  So trying to create mismatches may work, or may come back to bite the Rams in the arse.

We know that the Green Bay Packers are a banged-up a bit right now, and are doing everything to hold the roster together with novocaine and duct tape just to survive and get to their Week 13 BYE week. So the LA Rams can use that to their advantage.

The Rams should not enter this game with a view to pile up points. Rather, the Rams should try to slow this game down and leverage the fact that this team just emerged from their own BYE week. Run the ball, use their 12-package about 33 percent of the time. Give the Packers offensive line a dash of four down defensive linemen occasionally. Fight the Packers for every inch, every snap, and try to make this game a low-scoring game in the first half.

Then, in the second half, unleash the hounds. Start going with big hitter offensive plays to move the ball quickly. Put in stunts and pass rush packages to put real pressure on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The Packers want to survive this game and are as focused on their BYE week as winning. The LA Rams should give them only one option – survive to the BYE week.

It’s time for the LA Rams pass rush to make a statement.  But not early in this game. Don’t try to crash like waves against rocks early. Rather, work on creating a strong line of scrimmage that will hold the Packers’ offense in check. Then, when Green Bay feels the strain of a 12th consecutive game in the second half, turn it up a notch.

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