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Week 12

By the time Thanksgiving arrives, NFL teams are beginning to sort themselves out for the upcoming NFL Playoffs. There is the upper tier of teams that are most assuredly ‘in’, as is there a lower tier of teams that are most assuredly not. Of course, there is a spectrum of bubble teams that will end up in one of the two categories as a result of their performance in the remainder of the season.

LA Rams face Green Bay Packers

Of course, the LA Rams would love to win their first game out of the bye. Winning cures so many things in the NFL, and right now the Rams are one of the most successful teams in football suffering from the worst malady. Of course, the Rams have struggled with the dink-and-dunk offensive game plan since their Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. So it makes complete sense that the team will only overcome that by placing the hair of the dog that bit them.

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This is a game that the Rams can win, must win, if the team is to harbor any hopes of post-season success. I think it can happen, despite predicted game-time temperatures below 40 degrees. After all, this is a game quarterback Matthew Stafford has played once in each of his now 13 seasons in the NFL. The Rams need this win, while the Packers just need to survive to their BYE in Week 13.

Predicted score: LA Rams 35 Green Bay Packers 24

Other games with NFL Playoff implications

Las Vegas Raiders at Dallas Cowboys: When the Raiders take on the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day, the Cowboys will be a heavy favorite. It’s a historic, but unfair advantage for any NFL team to have a guaranteed home-field advantage on a short week of practice.

Predicted score: LV Raiders 17 Dallas Cowboys 30

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Indianapolis Colts: This game is a fascinating one, as the Buccaneers are just 1-2 out of their past three games, and the Colts are on a three-game winning streak. The Colts are doing their usual late-season surge and the Bucs continue to struggle on the road. Look for a mild upset.

Predicted score: TB Buccaneers 21 Indy Colts 28

Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers: After two dominating wins, the 49ers bandwagon is loaded and the 49ers fanbase is back to their bold trolling ways on social media. But, too soon? The Vikings had been losing to good teams and beating bad teams. But wins against the LA Chargers and GB Packers seem to have changed the pattern. Another upset? Why not.

Predicted score: Minn Vikings 30 SF 49ers 17