2021 LA Rams playoff picture forming via the ESPN Playoff machine

Mandatory Credit: Apc Pack Vs Rams Div Playoff 0702 011621 Wag
Mandatory Credit: Apc Pack Vs Rams Div Playoff 0702 011621 Wag /
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Week 14

In Week 14, the NFL Playoff picture is really starting to take shape. The NFC North and NFC West appear to be the two best NFC Divisions. The AFC is loaded with good teams that will enter Week 14 at or over .500. That means that sorting out their playoff picture will need more time.

LA Rams face Arizona Cardinals: This is the rematch that will attract all eyes across the nation. The best of the NFC West is arguably the best of the NFL, and these two teams will not pull any punches. The Cardinals have the psychological edge, as they not only have defeated the Rams previously but will remain atop the division even in a loss.

Well, a loss is what they’ll get. The Rams were surprised with the Cardinals’ ability to score so effectively in Week 4. This time, they’ll be more protective over the football on offense, and more effective at getting to Murray with their pass rush. Some have called the LA Rams soft. Look for a rock-hard effort in this one.

Predicted score: LA Rams 38 Arizona Cardinals 20

Other games with NFL Playoff implications

Buffalo Bills at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Even as the LA Rams try to climb out of the Wild Card seeding, it looks likely that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face tough sledding in the latter portion of the 2021 NFL season. Their opponent, the Bills, is a team that can win or lose on any given week. In this week, I look for the Bills to be good. They are trying to stave off a much better New England Patriots team than anyone expected, and the Buccaneers have practically no pressure in their division this year.

Predicted score: Buffalo Bills 27 TB Buccaneers 21

San Francisco 49ers at Cincinnatti Bengals: The cheers and jeers from the 49ers fanbase may have been a bit premature. They are back on the road and facing a very good Bengals team that is smack dab in the midst of a playoff hunt of their own. The Bengals face the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, and Baltimore Ravens twice a year, so the 49ers will run into a very physical and determined opponent.

Predicted score: Cincinnatti Bengals 24 SF 49ers 20