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Mandatory Credit: Apc Pack Vs Rams Div Playoff 0702 011621 Wag
Mandatory Credit: Apc Pack Vs Rams Div Playoff 0702 011621 Wag /
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Week 16

The LA Rams can finally overtake the Arizona Cardinals. Of course, that scenario won’t come easily for the Rams. In this projection, the LA Rams must run the table in weeks 12-15, and the Cardinals must lose the rematch on Week 14. Even if that scenario takes place, can the Rams remain focused long enough to take advantage of their positive momentum? In this article, we’ll remain positive and run with that.

LA Rams face Minnesota Vikings: Okay, if all the dominoes fall correctly, this could be a harbinger of the Rams (11-3) facing the Vikings (9-5). Fortunately for the Rams, the newly added Von Miller, Odell Beckham Jr., and even Sony Michel are now familiar enough with the team to be bona fide contributors.

The Rams offense finds its identity in this one. The Rams running game is inspired and works in as schemed to set up a very effective and productive passing game. If the offense has not had a break-out game before Week 16, then it could happen in this one.

Predicted score: LA Rams 49 Minnesota Vikings 33

Other games with NFL Playoff implications

Indianapolis Colts at Arizona Cardinals: If there is one team that could knock off the Cardinals this late in the season, the Indianapolis Colts can. Their offense has an incredibly potent rushing attack, something that the Cardinals struggle to defend. And the Colts are exceptionally stout against the run, something that the Cardinals have come to rely on in the red zone.

Predicted score: Indianapolis Colts 23 Arizona Cardinals 17

San Francisco 49ers at Tennessee Titans: This is a real test for both teams, as a loss for either team can be quite problematic for their playoff aspirations. For the Titans, they are vying for the top seed in the AFC, while the 49ers are trying to earn a playoff berth. This is a game that feels like a Titans win. I’ll go with that.

Predicted score: Tennessee Titans 28 San Fran 49ers 17