LA Rams Behind Enemy Lines: Week 12 recon re: Packers at Lambeau Field?

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Mandatory Credit:Packers Rams 03085 /

The confidence of the LA Rams fanbase has certainly been shaken. Of course, the team’s humiliating consecutive losses before the BYE Week have given almost nothing to marinate in for nearly a month. Not only that, but it really doesn’t help that the reelin’ Rams must travel to Green Bay Wisconsin to face the Green Bay Packers this week.

And when the Rams and the Packers face-off, that triggers a Behind Enemy Lines conversation with Dairyland Express, and one of the most football-savvy site experts on the internet, Paul Bretl.

The LA Rams are more connected to the Green Bay Packers than many other teams. Not only does their head coach Matt LeFleur trace his roots back to the LA Rams HC Sean McVay, but now their defensive coordinator Joe Barry has done an excellent job after moving on from the LA Rams defense. The Rams had no answer to the dink-and-dunk offense from the Packer’s playbook that other teams have now duplicated with success.  Now, the Rams offense will face a defense led by a coach as familiar with the players on the roster as the Rams’ own coaching staff.

That double-stack of familiarity is what makes this game so very dangerous for the Rams, and oh-so-important.  If there is any shred of predictability with the Rams offense or defense, you can bet that the Packers will have scouted that out and prepared for any permutations.

This is a game with much more on the line than you may suspect. If the LA Rams lose, the team risks free-falling to the bottom of the pile in terms of the NFL Playoff picture, or even out of a playoff berth altogether. But if the Rams win, as we hope that they will, the team has a chance of not only climbing firmly back into the playoffs but improving their chances of winning the division once more.

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So without any further ado, let’s interrogate, er… ask Dairyland Express site expert Paul Bretl about his take on the Week 12 matchup, or NFL Divisional Round rematch, as the LA Rams travel to take on the Green Bay Packers: