LA Rams Behind Enemy Lines: Week 12 recon re: Packers at Lambeau Field?

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Question V

Ramblin’ Fan – The Packers’ offense deployed an incredibly effective dink-and-dunk offensive game plan in the 2020 NFL Playoffs, attacking the Rams inside linebackers with both the run and pass plays. How do you see the Packers’ offense attacking the Rams in Week 12, and for that matter, for the remainder of the season?

Dairyland Express:  As I mentioned above, there’s been a tendency to force the ball downfield and to abandon the run game at times. Although the run game hasn’t been dominant, it’s certainly been effective this season.

While Rodgers, Davante Adams, and the passing game draw much of the attention, this offense is at its best when Green Bay doesn’t become pass-heavy and the ball is out of Rodgers’ hands quickly. This past week against Minnesota is a prime example of this. Early on, there were a lot of deep shots, a lack of rushing attempts, and Rodgers holding onto the ball. But in the second half — when things were clicking — this offense was much more in rhythm and on time.

According to NFL NextGen Stats, when Rodgers threw “in rhythm” on Sunday, meaning he got rid of the ball between 2.5 and 4.0 seconds, he was 16/19 for 303 yards with two touchdowns.

I’ll say it again, a good run/pass mix, quick passes, play-action, and boots are the recipe for success for this offense. So my hope is that we see more of this on Sunday.

Game summary

The Packers are limping through Week 12, looking forward to their Week 13 BYE week. Beyond their injury report, the Packers will be without tight end Robert Tonyan, linebacker Za’Darious Smith, offensive lineman Elgton Jenkins, offensive lineman Josh Meyers, and cornerback Jaire Alexander. They will also likely be without offensive lineman David Bakhtiari.

While the Rams players’ are still nursing injuries, look for many to suit up after the BYE Week.

This will be a huge prove-it game for the Rams. Losing this one will solidify the doubt about this team’s ability to win a big game. Can the Rams put it all together? They did against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and will do so this time too. Want the details?  Just check out our ESPN Playoff Machine article (shown below).

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Paul Breitl and Dairyland Express for taking the time to share vital information and perspective about the Green Bay Packers. As always, here’s hoping for a good game and no injuries.

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