Error free Week 13 should be top goal for the LA Rams

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The secret to success is to focus upon little victories. For the LA Rams, the goal should not be to set any single-season records, to put up a lot of points, or to pitch a shutout.  Instead, the Rams should set something that will create more long-term benefits. Simply stated, the team should strive to have one error-free game.

That includes penalties, turnovers, and time of possession. These three simple fundamental areas can provide irrefutable evidence of good coaching. Right now, the Rams are not scoring well on any of the three, particularly in the past three games. That’s on the coaching staff, and must be corrected.

Over the past three contests, the team has committed 21 penalties for 180 yards. Their opponents have committed 16 penalties for 104 yards. Likewise, the Rams have turned the ball over seven times, while only creating two turnovers. For the time of possession? The Rams have controlled the clock 73:38, while the team’s opponents have ruled the field for 106:22.

Okay, I think a pattern is developing here.

Flawless football

If the goal is to win, then the LA Rams have to execute in a manner that is befitting of success. That means controlling the clock, securing the football, and executing with enough discipline in the game to avoid penalties.  Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, if not simple, at least doable.

The team is at a very important crossroads of the season. At 7-4, the team could finish no better than 13-4 or no worse than 7-10. While neither scenario is likely, a win this Week could propel the Rams to an 11-6 season that could be enough to land the fifth seed in the NFC Playoffs. Each win is crucial now, regardless of the team defeated.

Winning is not about a player racking up five quarterback sacks, rushing for 140 yards, or throwing for 450 yards in a game. It simply comes down to playing a game without turning over the football, without committing penalties, and winning the time of possession. Can the Rams do that on Week 13? If they can, then there is no reason why they cannot do so on Week 14, as well.

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