It’s now or never for LA Rams ‘All Star’ additions to step up

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Rams roster reset

Whatever the reason for the delay in integrating key additions to the team, that time is now up. The LA Rams can no longer sit back and consider what may or may not be the best way to use veteran players like running back Sony Michel, outside linebacker Von Miller, or wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Trying to get multiple veteran players to fit in the LA Rams system is not exactly the best approach.

Perhaps a wiser method to make use of the Rams’ potent veterans is to tweak their system to more closely suit what these players can bring to the football field?

I don’t mean to diminish the difficulty of restocking a roster on the fly. It’s a rather difficult thing to do. But let’s also not diminish the quality of previous Rams positional coaches. In 2019, when the LA Rams offensive line fell to repeated injuries, offensive line coach Aaron Kromer was able to whittle newcomer Austin Corbett into an immediate plug-n-play starter, and the offensive line actually improved as a result.  The offensive line is the toughest unit to add a veteran midseason, btw.

So the fact that the Rams are not quite done working with RB Sony Michel, and have plopped both OBJ and Miller into the lineup with less than satisfying results is a bit underwhelming.

So far, the Rams have gotten five game-starts out of the trio. As far as onfield production? The Rams have gotten 79 carries for 305 yards rushing, 16 catches for 143 yards receiving, three touchdowns, four kickoff returns for 90 yards, and eight combined tackles. If all that feels a bit underwhelming so far? It is. Oh, and for an added bonus, all three players can sign with any team that they choose to at the end of this season.