LA Rams injuries, stupid penalties squelching victory hopes

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams entered the game having survived a host of injuries at running back, at wide receiver, and even at tight end. But today, the LA Rams are now trying to fend off injuries to offensive linemen. Offensive center Brian Allen injured his knee and remains on the sidelines. Offensive guard David Edwards was shaken up as well. The Rams sent in Coleman Shelton to take over for Allen, and reserve offensive lineman Bobby Evans stepped in while Edwards was on the sidelines.

On the penalty front, the LA Rams are just playing stupidly. The Jaguars have no infractions, while the team has five penalties for 37 yards. But one penalty was kicking the ball out of bounds. One penalty was taunting. One penalty was for interfering with a fair catch. One was for defensive holding, and the other one was for pass interference.

Of course, some other areas of concern have not improved for the Rams. Those defensive penalties have allowed the Jacksonville Jaguars to move the chains three times: Twice on third down and once on fourth down.

Rams offense continues to struggle

The Rams’ miscues on penalties may have extended the Jaguars’ drives, but they have not benefitted any reciprocity. The Rams are 0-5 on third-down conversions today but did manage to get one drive extended on fourth down with a two-yard quarterback sneak.

The Rams’ defense today has been good enough to warrant some optimism. The team simply has committed far too many senseless penalties. Those penalties would be far more costly to the Rams if they were facing a more accomplished offense or seasoned quarterback.

We know the deal. LA Rams head coach Sean McVay wins games where the LA Rams lead at halftime. If that trend holds, the Rams will snap their three-game losing streak, improve to 8-4, and be just four wins away from that very important 12 win season.


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But this one is not over just yet. The LA Rams have rushed 15 times for 59 yards and one touchdown. Matthew Stafford has passed 22 times, completing 13 passes for 139 yards. As hoped for, the Rams are getting solid production out of TE Tyler Higbee and RB Sony Michel today. Hopefully, the Rams will stick with the same game plan to claim a desperately needed victory.

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