Don’t look now, LA Rams, but it’s Coleman Shelton season

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Southpaw Shelton

And then there is the fact that Coleman Shelton is a southpaw snapper. While that certainly takes some getting used to for veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford, the center-quarterback exchange was not a problem for the duo in Week 13. In fact, if Shelton gets more work, the exchange is actually a better one in terms of how the ball placement arrives at the right-handed hurler.

Hopefully, the Rams don’t rush Allen back. We’ve seen out out-of-synch anything less than a 100 percent Brian Allen can mean for the team. Besides, there is the future to consider as well. What role does the future play? So glad you asked.

2022 is getting closer folks

The LA Rams are facing the 2022 NFL Free Agency defections once more. Thanks to the strategy of building the Rams Roster by adding veterans on the last year of their contracts, the team faces the loss of 19 players at the end of this year. Of course, not all players will walk away. Only 12 players have autonomy over which team they play for next season and are considered unrestricted free agents (UFA).  There are seven other players who the Rams will be able to determine where they play next year.

Of that group, four players are Exclusive Restricted Free Agents (ERFA) and can be considered extended. Three players are Restricted Free Agents (RFA), and the LA Rams will have the opportunity to match any offer as long as the organization meets the requirement of extending a Qualifying Offer. Coleman Shelton is an RFA in 2022. Brian Allen is a UFA in 2022.

I want the LA Rams to win, now and into the future. So far this season, Brian Allen has allowed five of the team’s 17 quarterback sacks, and he’s hurt. I get the fact that the LA Rams love to be loyal to players. But there is a huge mistake waiting to happen by restoring an injured player to the starting rotation on his say-so. The Rams got a good showing off a backup center coming in cold off the bench. Why not see how well he can play with a full week of practice preparing him to play this week?

Don’t look now, LA Rams, but it’s Coleman Shelton season. I, for one, believe that it’s about time.

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