LA Rams roster tweaking continues ahead of vital Week 14 contest

Mandatory Credit: C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams have been a rather proactive team, working to restock both roster and practice squad as players fall to injury. But at some point, that tweaking will cease as the team readies for the 2021 NFL Playoffs. Of course, it’s all predicated on the team no longer dealing with the constant roster depletion of injuries to players each week. Now is not that moment, it seems.

To be honest, after seeing how adept and comfortable the LA Rams‘ newly added wide receiver Brandon Powell appeared on kickoff returns, I expected the front office to act rapidly. Today, those actions took place. The team had tried out wide receiver J.J. Koski in a special teams’ role of kickoff returner, and that didn’t pan out too well, at least not after he fumbled against the Green Bay Packers.  So the team game Powell his shot, and he delivered. That triggered today’s roster transaction, I believe

Well, the start of the series of transactions anyway:

I expect the team to sign WR/PR/KR Brandon Powell to the team’s active 53-man roster. Then, after Koski clears waivers, for the team to re-sign him to the practice squad. The LA Rams may not feel that Koski is ready for prime-time just yet. But this late in the season, I would be hugely surprised if the team simply parted ways with the young talent after investing nearly two years into his NFL development.

LA Rams roster tweaking continues

The move to waive Koski is not the only transaction to impact the Rams roster. Before the Week 13 contest, the Rams had designated running back Buddy Howell to the injured reserve roster, but with a designation to return. The team also activated both Brandon Powell and Mekhi Sargent for Week 13.

These two moves combined have opened two roster spots on the LA Rams’ active roster. I expect the team to fill one with linebacker Justin Hollins, and the second with WR Brandon Powell. So where does that leave us right now?

The Rams have two spots to fill on their active 53-man roster. Those holes will likely be filled by a healthy Hollins and WR Brandon Powell. That will leave the Rams practice squad at 15+1, which can be rounded out by returning Koski to the PS roster after he clears waivers.

A minor roster move? These are the type of moves that change a team from watching the playoffs on television to competing in the playoffs. I like where this is going, particularly if it means a promotion for the very deserving Powell.

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