Are the LA Rams uniforms really the ugliest in the NFL?

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Do clothes make the NFL player?

After an entire season with a lot of public attention on the team’s new merchandising, the hope for some was that the issue would quietly fade into the sunset. But, the Rams had another go of it. You see, the team not only unveiled their three uniform colors in 2020 but committed to adding a new color to the palette in each of the next two seasons.

Of course, something I personally had to learn along the way of NFL fashion and uniform color schemes is the association of the color of the uniform to the outcome of the game. Thankfully, I have an unconfirmed source who provides the breakdown of the Rams record with each color combination.

Dress the part

So how did the Rams perform in the various bone white, royal blue, sol yellow combinations through the 2020 NFL season?

Don’t look now, but the LA Rams seemed to be their bonafide best whenever the team took the field in bone white pants. If the above information is accurate, bone pants result in the LA Rams achieving a record of 8-1. The next best pants were the sol yellow pants, which were worn as the Rams earned a record of 2-3. The worst of the bunch was clearly those royal blue pants, which resulted in a record of 1-4.