Did LA Rams Week 13 win get DC Raheem Morris off the hot seat?

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Converting third and fourth downs

When you compare that time of possession with the ability of the LA Rams offense to convert on third and fourth downs, the picture begins to form. The Rams have converted just 7 of 15 fourth-down attempts, and 58 of 141 third-down attempts, for a mark of 65 of 156, or 41.67 percent of the time. But during the team’s four losses this season, the offense’s ability to convert on third and fourth down were as follows:

Opponent   Opp-3rd  Opp-4th   Rams-3rd   Rams-4th TOP
Cardinals     61.5%        N/A            54.5%             0.0%          24:50
Titans           33.3%       100%          26.7%            66.7%         32:21
49ers            57.1%          50%         30.0%              0.0%          20:57
Packers        36.8%        100%         30.8%              0.0%          20:20

While the Rams defense did struggle to get the opponents off the field, why has so little been said about the LA Rams offense futility at extending drives in those losses? There are not many positive options when the opposing offense has the football. To score, the LA Rams offense needs to extend drives. Now, just for fun, let’s toss up the conversion stats for Week 13?

Opponent   Opp-3rd  Opp-4th   Rams-3rd   Rams-4th  TOP
Jaguars         41.7%       50%            41.7%           100.0%        33:45

The LA Rams defense did not show much statistical difference in that Week 13 game. But the offense was far more effective

The facts are that the offensive game plan has a huge say in how easy – or difficult – the defense’s job turns out to be on any given NFL Game Day. That get’s lost in the shuffle after games, particularly losses, to decry the Rams’ defensive coordinator.

Did LA Rams Week 13 win get DC Raheem Morris off the hot seat? In the eyes of the fans? Not even close. Many need to blame somebody, and the ease to point the finger at this defense is simply too easy to pass up.

But in the eyes of the organization? To the coaching staff that knows that the offensive struggles have created quite a mess for the defense? He was never on the hot seat, to begin with.

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