The LA Rams schedule includes 10 pseudo home games in the 2022 NFL season

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /

Okay, so you think that the LA Rams were screwed a bit by the NFL for getting nine road games in the 2021 NFL season.  So how can the NFL schedulers make it up to the team? Well, for starters, how about 10 home games in the 2022 NFL Season?  No, seriously, 10 home games next year.

Such is the projected LA Rams 2022 NFL schedule per While no dates have been determined (and won’t be for some time), we know that the NFC West Division will face teams from the AFC West and the NFC South teams in their 2022 NFL season. That equates to six interdivisional games, and eight teams. The remaining schedule will be to face a team from the NFC East, NFC North, and AFC East that finishes in the same place in their respective divisions.

Based on the LA Rams’ likelihood of finishing in second place in the NFC West, that will likely mean the Washington Football Team, the Minnesota Vikings, and the Buffalo Bills.

Rams schedule +2 home games in 2022

So how do the Rams get the extra two home games? Well, the agreement when adding the 17th game to the annual schedule compromised and alternated the home game to the AFC team in odd years, and the NFL team in even years. So the LA Rams will host their AFC East counterpart when the final 2022 NFL schedule is drawn up.

But what about the other extra home game? Based on the fact that the LA Rams share a football stadium with the LA Chargers, the Rams will play at SoFi Stadium but will be treated like the ‘visiting team’ for the game.

While the designation will be different, the fact is that the Rams will have the benefit of playing 10 games in their 2022 NFL season at SoFi Stadium, and save the wear and tear on traveling and playing in a different time zone for two extra games.  While it isn’t a huge advantage, every little bit helps.

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