LA Rams found ways to get Odell Beckham Jr. involved in this offense

Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports /

There were plenty of concerns openly voiced over the LA Rams adding free-agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the roster late in the season. Terms like ‘locker room cancer’ and “egotistical maniac’ were tossed around as though commentators had personal first-hand experience with the guy. Many cited that his need to be the hero on the team would prove to be the last straw to dismantle whatever remains of the team’s fragile playoff hopes. Others saw a far more sinister impact, a player who would be screaming for the football by Christmas Day, forcing a confrontation with his teammates and his head coach.

But nobody gave much thought to the other side of the coin. What if the LA Rams could unleash Odell Beckham Jr.’s game-changing play-making abilities, as they had with DB Jalen Ramsey or OLB Dante Fowler Jr.? So far, it appears as though the Rams have successfully crash-coursed this offensive weapon to the point where he is now reminding everyone of the fuss he created as a member of the New York Giants.

OBJ By the numbers

In just four games, OBJ has put up 204 yards receiving, and three touchdowns. While that may not mean much to many, it’s a far better pace than any season he had playing for the Cleveland Browns. In fact, except for the 16 games played in his first season for the Browns, he is clearly starting to find his way back from anonymity. And that is good news because it means that he is getting hot for the LA Rams at just the right time.

Prior to his Week 15 pass-catching display, he had caught just nine of 18 passes for 127 yards and two touchdowns. But in a game where the LA Rams needed him most, he showed up huge. He caught six of seven passes for 77 yards and a touchdown.

While this offense sorely misses Robert Woods, the presence of OBJ has given the offense that third receiver that truly helps this offense move the chains and stay on the football field. Now that quarterback Matthew Stafford is finding the range for his new weapon, the Rams have won two consecutive games and are getting hot at the right time of the year.

Unfortunately, the Rams have assigned Odell Beckham Jr. to their COVID-19 reserve list after he tested positive following his Monday Night Football performance. Hopefully, the team will have him back in action quickly, as he has proven to be a very effective and dangerous offensive weapon for the LA Rams.

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