LA Rams run risk of forfeiture, NFL must postpone game

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Will Rams meet the minimum roster requirement?

So now it comes down to the players who have remained healthy, right? After all, players who have tested positive for COVID-19 are not following some balanced quota or pre-written script. Quite the contrary. The Rams have been hit hard in the secondary and at the linebacker positions, two areas that were already pushing to get as much as possible out of the current rotation.

Even if the team empties their entire practice squad, which is down to 13 players, the Rams only have 47 possible players to suit up for Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks. Oh, by the way, the team just added Greg Stroman mere hours before this article was published.

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Where are we going with this? The LA Rams are just a handful of players away from not even being able to field a team. That’s completely ignoring the competitiveness of the team. We’re talking about the ability to field the league minimum of 44 players. And that is if the team activates all the practice squad players in time.

There has never been a forfeit in the NFL. That has been confirmed by NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano in a recent broadcast. So where does that leave the LA Rams? Between a rock and a hard place apparently. You see, the Rams would need to activate virtually every available player to meet the minimum number to even hold the game. It makes zero sense for the team to go through that much work to compete in a game against such insurmountable odds, and risk injury to their remaining roster.