LA Rams hope delayed game will translate into getting players back

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Restoring order to the NFL once more

The NFL has directed all teams to enact extensive protocols. That means reinserting the more stringent methods that worked when the world first encountered a pandemic that has raged for nearly two years. And that means that the NFL has focused upon the players. So what about the 2021 NFL season, or more specifically, what remains of it?

The delays may or may not result in restoring order for the teams heavily impacted by this latest COVID-19 spike. But it does insert 48 hours into the process, giving teams a chance to test and return some players to the active roster in time to play a game.

That is good news. Right now the LA Rams are desperately in need of players returning to the active roster. Like who for example? Well, WR Odell Beckham Jr. hints that he may be returning to the active roster soon

The bottom line is that the Rams simply need to get players healthy and back to the active roster. The Rams roster situation may be impacted for the next two weeks over the spike, but the expectation is that, come January 2022, the team should be back to normal.

Will the team be able to field a competitive roster by Tuesday? That will likely be answered in the next 48 hours. For now, we wait. We pray. We laugh. We ponder.

On Tuesday, the LA Rams play. And hopefully, the Rams win.

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