LA Rams front office scrambles to add 9 to Rams roster

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Amidst the COVID-19 chaos of the LA Rams roster fluctuations, many have been concerned about the lack of action by the team’s front office to get players signed to the team. Of course, there was reason to delay, if for no other reason than the mere fact that the roster was depleting so quickly, the front office needed some stability before taking action to ensure that the team would be filling the most vital priorities.

But when the team was truly at risk of not having enough healthy players to suit up for Week 15 between both the active and practice squad rosters, the concerns of some fans spilled over. So the front office began to take action. It started on December 16 (per the official team website) when the team added veteran defensive back, Greg Stroman, to the practice squad.

Of course, most of the focus of NFL news was the fact that the team was moving so many players to their Reserve/COVID-19 list. That has been the topic of daily updates since December 11, when the team first assigned running back Darrell Henderson to the list.

Rams roster making a comeback

The resulting depletion was so vast that the LA Rams was faced with a forfeiture of the game, something that had not happened in the history of the sport. Shortly after we published that precarious situation, NFL columnist Charles Robinson picked up on just how close the Rams were to an official forfeiture. Per NFL rules, a forfeiture results in the non-forfeiting team winning the game by a score of 2-0, and neither team’s roster being paid for that game.

As the reality set in, it made more logical sense for the Rams to refuse to play with a roster in shambles on Sunday. And that is when it seems that the NFL got serious about delaying the game to a point in time where the Rams roster would be in a much better position to compete safely. So the NFL postponed the game to Tuesday, December 21. Okay, that pretty much catches you up to the COVID-19 stuff.

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But there has been another side to this set of developments. The front office has gone on a bit of a mini-shopping spree to restock the Rams roster. So why not talk about the new players who may be nothing more than a set of warm bodies in football uniforms until the starters get back? Or could some of the latest additions be more strategic?  To determine that, we need to cover who has been added since the COVID spike began.