Will LA Rams stick with Sony Michel and Coleman Shelton?

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The LA Rams made some quick decisions when forming their starting position assignments. That is part of the NFL, and so far, has proven to be one of the reasons for the team’s success despite a fairly large number of injuries to key projected starters. In most cases, backups stepped up to anchor the team’s competitiveness. Perhaps no game was more illustrative than the Rams roster stepping up to win on Week 14 despite playing shorthanded.

But it appears that the playing time for two of the team’s backup players who excelled through the Rams’ current two-game winning streak may be coming to a close. Now the question becomes, is that really something that the Rams want to do right now?

While the LA Rams had an idea of what they wanted to do on offense, it’s quite clear that running the football is simply a part of the LA Rams genetic code. And for that reason, the Rams may be better off simply sticking with Sony Michel at running back, and Coleman Shelton at the offensive center position.

Decision time for Rams roster

Right now, the team has some new decisions to make. With the healthy return of running back Darrell Henderson Jr. and center Brian Allen, the team is faced with an option of reinstating players who have been designated as the starters for the team. But is it that simple?

The Rams have converted their offense into more rushing and more physical style of play. Is that offense, and the success of a two-game winning streak, so easily ignored?

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The hard answer is? Probably yes. We have witnessed the LA Rams commit too quickly to players who have underperformed this season. When that happens, we’ve witnessed the team make personnel changes too slowly. Finally, even when those changes seem to take effect and make the team far more competitive, we’ve witnessed the team returning to ‘the way we were.’