5 keys for LA Rams for Week 15 win

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Odell Beckham Jr. has consecutive TDs in the past 3 games

The LA Rams have finally sealed a connection from quarterback Matthew Stafford and newly signed wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the point where OBJ’s completion rate skyrocketed in Week 14. But let’s not turn a blind eye to the fact that OBJ has produced a receiving touchdown for the LA Rams in each of the past three games.

That’s huge.

The reception towards OBJ was not the warmest this year. And even now, those who wait to be proven correct in their initial assessment of “locker room cancer” and “Me, not we, guy” are not cheering for his rapid adaptation to the Rams offense. Rather, they’ve gone silent, hoping to have some occasion for him to falter, and come roaring back on social media with a new wave of “I told you he was bad for the team’ proclamations that are anything but supporting the team.

But I don’t think he’ll let that happen.

He flourished in New York City, a place that can be as endearing or as tough as any place in the NFL. It’s that blue-collar Broadway experience that will serve him so well here, as a contributor for the LA Rams. How so?

Ride OBJ to SB LVI

He’s learned to reach for the brass ring and tune out the background noise at the same time. He never truly fit the mold with the Cleveland Browns, a team with a rich history of underdogs and gritty performances, regardless of win or lose. OBJ has grit, but he doesn’t want to waste it on losing.

Some believe that he won’t put it on the line for the LA Rams. Quite the opposite, actually. He knows what is behind the door of a football team hero in the glorious city of Los Angeles. Playing for the LA Rams will open some doors. But being the hero in the biggest games of the year? Catching a winning TD pass to clinch a Super Bowl victory for the LA Rams in front of the home fans at SoFi Stadium? You can bet he wants that in the worst of ways because that is the type of instant credibility that opens all of the doors to the city.

That’s not a bad thing.  It’s gotten a touchdown reception for this Rams offense in three consecutive games. And yes, I’ve seen his circus-catch heroics. If he gets as hot as he has the ability to, the LA Rams can ride his play all the way to victory in Super Bowl LVI.