How the Grinch stole a win (and LA Rams offense learned to run again)

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(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /
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How the Grinch stole a win

After the LA Rams had finally taken the football field in the second half, they were down by the score of 10-3, and the first half’s pass-happy offense showed once more why a pass-centric offense was the team’s kryptonite.

By why waste a good opportunity to get the Grinch into this one?

How the Grinch stole a Week 15 win

The LA Rams fans, who follow this offense, love the running game a lot.
But the head coach, Sean McVay, who calls all of the offensive plays, did not.
But he stared at the football field, and the head coach popped his eyes,
what he saw from his running back Sony Michel was a surprise.

Sony Michel was running quite well with the ball.
Despite being down seven points, he ran through defenders. He ran past them all.
Sean McVay, on the sidelines, pondered on this one high and low
We’re down seven points? How can this be so?

He pondered and pondered until his ponder was sore.
Then McVay thought of something he hadn’t before.
Maybe winning doesn’t rely only on passing at all.
Perhaps winning this game means running the damned ball?

And what happened then? Well in SoFi that day…
came an appreciation to run, to Rams head coach Sean McVay.
So I must call for more runs, that is just what he said
and he called for more runs, that is just what he did.

So he brought back the run, and he brought it back quick.
And the Rams offense learned that it wasn’t some trick.
No, the Rams started scoring 17 points scored in all.
And at the end of Week 15, McVay received a game ball.

Okay. So now that you have the gist, let’s get back to the way the Rams adjusted their offense at halftime?