LA Rams sending four to Pro Bowl, but Stafford and Whitworth huge snubs

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Murray over Stafford snubbing? Seriously?

While it is an honor for the Rams to send four players, the selection process remains more popularity-driven than substantive, as two of the team’s best players: Andrew Whitworth and Matthew Stafford, are notoriously absent from the list.

What more must quarterback Matthew Stafford do?  Despite being the second-ranked quarterback in the NFC in both yards and touchdowns, he did not make the cut?  The NFC Is sending Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. Brady is the only NFC quarterback to throw for more yards and touchdown than Stafford, so that makes sense.

The other quarterback is Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray. Call me biased, but when the Cardinals were able two finish at 2-1 with Colt McCoy running the Cardinals offense, and have similar statistics in the process, then the value of Murray is somewhat diluted.

In a direct comparison of the two quarterbacks, we find:

Games played – 14
Yards  –           4,142
TDs     –                 35
INTs    –                 10
Comp % –             67.6 %
YPA   –                    8.3

Games played – 11
Yards  –           3,039
TDs     –                 20
INTs    –                 10
Comp % –             69.9 %
YPA   –                    8.4

That seems like a pretty substantial difference in Stafford’s favor. So why Murray? Well, the only likely explanation is that he’s the darling of the NFL media? The other obvious answer was that the majority of Pro Bowl voting by fans occurred during the Rams’ three-game losing streak.

Whatever the reason, it’s pretty thin and unacceptable. Stafford is clearly a far better quarterback getting more from a banged-up ever-changing roster. Murray has such an incredible offensive setup that even his backup, Colt McCoy, looks unstoppable under center.